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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i hate waking up to news like this.

so it appears imma be STUCK the FUCK out in san bernardino this weekend. with the only good news being that the greeks aren't running the show. AND im sposed to juke the sale for two signwalkers, even the promoters are in on it. thats rad.

i drove to gardena to dump all the signs out of my truck at my uncle bill's house/sign-depot. and i drove to the smog check place, but decided getting burger king and heading back home sounded more appealing. besides, who gets a smog check done on a tuesday?!?! that's not the proper ediquette.

my current shades collection.

our governor put a ban on necrophilia
now ok sure, glad that arnie is keeping himself busy, and all that jazz... but the question that comes to MY mind is, who cares?

i dont understand people's obbsession with their own dead bodies. they want to be burried, cremated or frozen like Walt Disney... and they dont want perverts having sex with them. BUT WHY? who cares...? you are DEAD.

when *I* die... i dont give a FUCK what happens.

when im dead the whole world can take turns pissing or shitting in my mouth. OR gang members in south central can string up my body and use it for target practice while shooting off their uzi's, assault rifles, and mack 10's. or whatever!

dont get me wrong, i think necrophilics are creepy, and i think the whole idea of having sex with a corpse seems sickening... i just dont get why its a crime. and i dont get why people attatch ideas like 'dignity' to a rotten carcass.

but man oh MANNNN would i love to hear the audio recordings of arnold, and his accent, having a serious discussion about necrophilia... damn i bet thats some funny shizzzz.

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