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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i feel slightly less head achey, and less pukey, and as jay leno delivers his un-funny monolouge for the 2am airing of the tonight show (wich is a re-run from the week before anyways) i can't help noticing that him and keving eubanks obviously hate eachothers guts. their forced banter is semi amusing.

so tommorrow! ...

i derno, i got nothin.

i sorta planned on drinking NyQuil as soon as i got home from work, but instead i invited big tanky over to watch the premiere episodes of Las Vegas and LAX. btw, both shows suckkkkkkkkkkk. but anyways, i was gonna induce an early nights sleep with the Ny to the Quil, but somehow it became 2am, and now it's far too close to howard stern's 3am live from new york broadcast... and if i fall asleep NOW, i'll wind up missing the whole show. i have to hold out for 4am, so i can get SOME stern in. yes i know yer thinking, "anti you ALWAYS do that shit" and i'm thinking back at you "so what, who asked you?"

tomorrow's agenda is obviously wide open, all i HAVE to make sure happens, of all my errands that i constantly neglect and ignore, is the Smog Check. i have to somehow comvince my lazy ass to get to the place and get it over with. i also have to call geico car insurance... in the hopes they can save me loads of money on my car insurance, like the commercials claim. i usually make an attempt, i dial up and start the call and everything, but then i get bored, and make up an excuse why i have to get off the phone, like "oops i have to go! i just sharted!" or something like that. i hate phones. especially when they ring.

i havent eaten today. i never remember to eat on workdays. when whitey was my helper that was the hardest part for him, he LOVES food. everytime we drove past church's chicken he'd look like a puppy who lost his mommy. but shit! we were busy. or at the very least, i have no patience for church's greasy ass shit-ball chicken, blick.

it's times like these i wonder why i refuse to have food in my cupboards. ok fine. the to do list for tommorow NOW READS: smog check, and grocery shopping at 7-11.

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