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Friday, September 10, 2004

i dont have to pick up danny tomorrow morning but i DO have to drop off signs at the redondo beach performing arts center, cuz that's where the viking and the greek assholes will be spending their loverly weekend. the viking slaving out robert. i hope robert is ready to run!

danny will be at the ford dealership by 8am, and im counting on him being late. traffic's a bitch in the morning, what can i say? but *I* plan on being there early anyways. early turd catches the sherm.

the people in my building for the most part suck. i dread the awkward interactions like... "oops we both got stuck in the elevator at the same time!" and so-and-so from the third floor tries to make small talk, because they cant handle my cold death stare. and i know they all think imma dirtbag anyways, as they smell the smoke creeping from under my apartment front door, while they tra la la the way down the halls on their way to go rollerblading in spandex.


it's like this bitch who called me out because i was gonna dive into the pool from the firre pit, and that was obviously dangerous. truth be told i was trying to get des and bigtanky to go, "noooo!!! don't do it!!!!" and i wasn't gonna. but no, big-busy-body had to stick her big snout up in my business. she then later walked by us, and tried to diss me, BITCH!

there was this other time that tooth was over here, and we took tooth out front, and btw tooth is the most well behaved dog you ever fucking met.... dog knows a command to push the elevator buttons for chrissakes... and some yuppy scumfuck says to us, "EXCUSE me-- EXCUSE ME, put a leash on THAT dog!"

like what the fuck's she gonna do? make a citizen's arrest? how the fuck did she decide our little civil disobediance (having an unleashed dog) was any of her business?

or when i was a little kid and i went a block north to get my bike up the ramp from the bike path to the strand where it reads "PEDS ONLY" and i was headed back to meet my mom who was on rollerskates coming up the stairs by where we parked. so on my way back, only a block or so, i rode my bike, and some old man from manhattan beach stopped me to bitch me out for breaking the rules, wich made me feel pretty bad, and when i told my mom about it, she gave me the best advice.

i was 9 years old, and she told me, "next time someone tells you what to do, you tell em, 'mind your own fucking business, asshole,' ok johnny?"

mom was right all those years ago. stay the fuck up out my bizznasssssssss

or if there's a sign on my forehead that says 'Fuckwit Me' just simply ignore it.

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