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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i decided i have so many parking tickets i better just shuffle on down to the redondo city hall and have them simply tell me what my tab is, rather than figure out wich fines to pay, or have been payed or whatever.

there's literally about 30 little envelopes, i bet i will be able to buy a new car with what i owe in parking tickets. damn them and their sparadic ticket giving style.

they'll go like two weeks without ticketing me, giving me a false sense of security...

and then on one day they'll tack on three. seriously THREE little envelopes stacked under the wicdshield wiper.

i have a parking space, but when you have 10 feet tall signwalker signs sticking out the back of your truck so far you cant see jack shit, the street just looks less annoying.

it's twofer-tuesday at scronimos pizza, and imma stay home, eating pizza taking tokes, perhaps watching last comic standing on tv, cuz i love dat shit. i want a bumper sticker that says "honk if you love eating hot pie!"

oh and why are people scared to honk in LA? i honk my horn at everything. sometimes just to the beat of the music. i think more people need to honk instead of patiently waiting for the idiot to do whatever idiot manuver they got goin on.

put the pressure on a bit, let them "know" you are there.

ANDDDDD fucking A, man, people honk at me alll damn day when im signing the jobs. it's like the only time people get balls to honk is when they pull up behind me with my emergency flashers blinking and a lane WIDE open right next to me. ijust start honking back, and it becomes like a honk duel or whatever.

my cousin has no car horn right now, and i think he ought to buy a conch shell, like from lord of the flies. i have one and that fucker is LOUD.

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