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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i can't believe this bernardino job isn't over yet. UGH.

the promoter guys have sold 70+ cars, and now are too busy playing catch with a football than to give me the time of day. SWEET! they did mention something about letting off the walkers (and whitey and i) off early with full pay.

ummmmm ok? i never heard of THAT before, but i guess it means they want to go home early. but whatevs, we'll take the money.

this job has been mellow city, cept for the fact it's an hour away, and i HATE working mondays ALMOST as much as tuesdays. and lookit me, werking BOTH days. le sigh...

i haven't heard jack shit about work this weekend wich leads me to believe one of two thigns are true.
1. my cousin was able to work around the fact that i wanted to visit my friend sean in Las Vegas this weekend.
2. my cousin has not yet told me about the job i have in egypt with 20,000 signwalkers.

(please be #1, please be #1)

im headed to east west bank before work to refill my cash supply. fund tappage has been at an alltime high lately. when i bought the new vans today i threw out my globes. they were beaten down and tired, although still comfortable. i just didn't want even the option of wearing those sleazy fucks ever again. i made whitey lean back while sitting shotgun, and i launched the old shoes into some dude's truck bed from the passenger side window.

when i was trying the shoes on in the Vans Store i thought the broad workign there was gonna pass out from the fumes. i guess not wearing socks half the time takes a toll after a year or so.

whitey and i found a three legged kitten too. it was by the south end of the dodge dealership right off of orange show road... and we got all these pics of it, but we used whitey's camera wich he later informed me has no cables, or way of uploading the pics, making me wonder why he even bothered taking pics. but that's whitey for ya.

ok jay leno's headlines just made me laugh. i didnt' laugh out loud, but i came fucking close! the in my head laugh was better than jay usually gets. i have not seen the TV clicker in a really really long time. bummer-rama.


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