Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

here... come lean in close, and i'll tell ya why....

i dont take myself seriously, THATS FUCKING WHY

basically i have a love for laughter, it's what i fucking live for. laughing and smiling, and doing so with others. fucking A.

no i dont have a lot of shame, NOR do i have a lot to lose, hence the liberty to talk about taboo shit with a pic of my mug next to the text.

i want you to want me to want you, but i dont NEEED YOUUUUU.

dont take me serious, because i didnt take me serious FIRST. put a foam rubber nose on my face give me a rainbow wig afro, and paint me retarded, cuz thats how i like it anyways. judge me, i beg you.

yah pffft... i reallly sit here thinking that "imma writer" just cuz i have a glob like every mom father son daughter, even your gay uncle has a little piece of shit site with dribble and a really cute template.

this ain't WRITING and YOU're not more of a write than i am, or anyone is, cuz WE"RE NOT WRITERS, and if you think that this is, you take it way too serious, and prolly need the jaws of life to remove your head safely from your ass.

i dont care, and that's my revenge and i skip, "tra la la la", down the sidewalk... cuz 5 fucking bucks sayd that the starbucks vanilla frappacino bottled drinks i buy from 7-11 are COLD as fuck, just like i like em, and yah i crack out on those, and yah fuck you... but not really, fuck you in the nicest most passionate from the heart kinda ways.

pound your chest with your right fist, and go, "yeeeeee-ah mudderfugger" and i know you're feeling me.

straight hexin on the anglo saxon that im waxin.

ok, i think im gonna go test the flamability of my bead sheets now, or if im lucky the cigarette will fall out onto my chest and burn me again. loved that. nite.

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