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Sunday, September 05, 2004

heat wave in LA!!!! even by the beach it is HOT, motherfuckers. so what do we do? well fuck it, we do this even when it's cold windy, we've gone to the pool even in rain.

the hut tub is always hotter than all holy hell, and fucking 15 nice cozy minutes in that bitch, and yer shoulders are ready to melt off your bones. even a tense motherfucker like myself, who is immune to shoulder massages, gets relief... and there's like never anyone there but us, because my buildings are filled with old people too decrepid to swim. yay!

now lemme tell you about the pool. this ain't no fucking ordinary pool, this shit is like bath water warm all over the place. and the pool is surrounded by open skies, palm trees, and the smell of funnel cake and churros wafting up from the 2-minute-walking-distance pier. or at night time you can hear the hootin and hollerin from the fat girl night club, called Moxie. we think that Moxie has a fat girl goth night, and big tanky wants to check it out, cuz she's a goth at heart.

yah so i derno, my friends woke me up, and i bumbled my way over by my bong, and i've knocked it down ten million times, and in fact if you ask me how it broke this time, i have NO CLUE, i just know that my friends help pick up the pieces and i didn't step in broken glass yet.

the new one came from hermosa smoke and gift, formerly known as hermosa high. and i think it's a better tube in the end, it's thicker glass, and the base holds water, and maybe it won't spill so much, because all that water acts like a weight.

ORRRRR, when it spills it's gonna be like a flash flood, because yah, that's a lot of H2O.

ames and her sister

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