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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

four days off and im feeling funky fresh smily mc smileysen.

called up robert on my way to the bank, told him to be at the carl's junior i like to meet him at, the one by vermont and artesia... and after some phone calls with dez and the viking about signs and signwalking, and my cameo at the bank, i was face to face with robert eating my bacon western cheeseburger combo.

we rapped about signs and the potential for another double sign gig this weekend. im making so much money, im starting to feel like scrooge mc duck swiming in my money bin.

anyways, i then proceeded to my uncles hosue whilst i was still in gardena, to drop off some signs, and only unloaded the signwalker signs.

then i bought this hat.

it was 6 dollars from the army surplus store.

then on my way home i was thinking about all the cash in my pocket... and how i have been wanting new board shorts. so i stopped at Spyder Surf.

they didn't have shit for my size. my waist is 34 inches, all they had was 28's and 336's... so i headed to ET surf. it's a way better store anwyays. the proof is the new board shorts...

then i realized how close i was to homeboys house who has the weed. i called him. and because of the redondo triangle, a notorious cell phone dead zone, we couldn't really communicate, but i just drove over, and he saw me pull up, and it was all good.

the house shook with dj shadow, and i was offered some medicinal crap homie scored from the weed clinic... i say said, "bang om em" and then he broke out the hashoil, and that's when i shit a brick.

so of coarse i got to try it... this shit is unreal.

im getting some tomorrow, wich means, i have to fetch my check from no ho first... that's fine tho... i'll wake up early/stay up all night and drive up eating a egg Mcmuffin listening to talk radio. my favorite.

it's a lot of money... it's worth the drive...

in fact my radio show is coming on, i have to smoke a million bong hits in preparation.

i haven't smoked the medicinal thru the 6 footer yet, i shake with fear and anxiety thinking about it.more people need to hit the sixer... wich i have since dubbed: "the gillotine" cuz it's choppin headz yo. perhaps i should be bringing it in my truck more places? yes, i agree, i should

tomorrow i also wanna hit up the emboroidery (sp?) place on teh pier. i wanna get a skull on my new cap, and maybe a word, if i can decide on one.

and i think im gonna get inked soon. yes tatted. ratta tat tatted. because fuck it... i've always wondered what it would feel like to get a full color piece that takes up my entire back.

im thinking the lady of guadalupe. and perhaps around my neck i can get "seek and destroy". and rockabilly cards and dice and such type tattoos filling up the sleaves i get on my arms. I CAN'T WAIT!

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