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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

everything's been going like clockwork, so much so that i have even found a kinko's copies, and even found time to stop for a bit to blog some shit out.

me and whitey keep forgetting my skateboard at home, wich sucks, that'd be nice about now.

we're on our way to the mall after this so whitey can check out the food court, and i can just tag along and stroll the mall with him.

i checked in at the car sale, they're SUPER pleased and are selling em like hotcakes. they had some lil project for me, because they don't know jack shit about signs and banners, and they got me to install a 20 foot banner that said "GIANT USED CAR SALE" and i intsalled it 15 feet in the air with only zip ties, sticks, and my spiderman self to get that shit up there.

tonight martin has a party. martin the filipino coconut. i really would rather not go, but i think my friends might try and convince me otherwise. i'd prefer getting tanked at my pad insuring i sleep like the dead.

ok now i am hungry like the wolf and whitey is talking shit about blogging, and it smells funny in this kinko's anyways.

bang on em... nephew.

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