Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, September 03, 2004

dude, give it up.

im immune to you and your blaring car horn, i have already instructed my helper to automatically waste time flipping off the honker, and go extra slow, to teach the honker a lesson.

whats this great grand lesson that me, anti, has bestowed upon myself to teach all of south central???? that is simple.

when there are two lanes, and there's a car stopped with its hazzards on.... GO THE FUCK AROUND.

that's me in that blue truck, and im not in any hurry to get out of your stupid way. AND robert is looking to beat someone's ass. that's how he releives stress, so i dare you.

ok, if yer blocked in by cars in teh other lane, and yer like STUCK behind me, then whatever, HONK away if it makes you feel any better, we will staill lolly gag and fucking screw you over as good as we have time for. but believe me, im AT work already, i HAVE time.

wow im hungry, maybe that would make me less cranky. you know... a churrow.

imma fetch one@the pier, STAT

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