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Thursday, September 16, 2004

dinner was fantastic, and i ate swordfish, and my sisters got to make fun of me, and i was stoked.

it was weird tho, cuz ginger's husband doug had met big tanky before... small world i guess.

it's worked out that whitey is gonna be my helper this weekend. he's in dire straights for cash, and there wasnt really enough sign jobs to go around fot him this weekend. so he's my san benardino helper.

and dez called and said her and her boyfriend mike wanna signwalk this weekend and get a ride out with me. i'll check with danny, cuz danny does all the signwalking scheduling with our regulars, and make sure i can get dez and mike on the roster without any problems and sweet, that's two walkers i can drop off on their spots way before work and have them ready to rock it.

i wont have a lot of walkers as it is anyways, and i have done san bernardino before back around thanksgiving time with that dude jesse that the viking fired... and back then me and jesse barely had any money, in fact we had to borrow money to buy the supplies we needed for the signs.

a sign guy always finds a way.

finding a way is always a more favorable move than calling the viking and telling him you blew it. he can back me on that.

right now im out of smokes, and i need a gatorade, so 7-11 here i come.

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