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Monday, September 13, 2004

damn yo, im tired.

im covering for the viking today, and so yah, i'll be filtering all thru-out redondo beach in my truck. maybe i can run an errand or two even. like smog check, paying parking tickets, ect

my cousin and i went into the fat girl club on saturday to check it out. WHOA SHIT. im never going back. at least not unless i have a pair of hand cuffs to make sure they stop trying to drag me into the dance floor. can you say aggresive?

but now we figured out that between the border-brothers-bar, and this fat chick bar... that bars were we dont belong are THE SHIT, so next on our list of places we don't belong will be a hardcore asian kareoke bar in china town. if they speak a drop of english, we're leaving.

it's like whats so great about it all, is that usually we end up having such an unexpected great time. yes even the fat chick bar, cuz you know, it was definitely interesting, and i actaully hadn't danced that hard in years.

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