Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, September 17, 2004

blog...look beware/at computer i stare cut your own damn hair save money for cab fare...or grow it long and run away from home like right now we gotta GGOOOO!!!!!!!! its all the same. "not spilling too much guts" (check out the band smoke city song underwater love) if you havent heard that----reppin it out for anti disco party animal over here in Los Angeles "People who pay for haircuts are fools" fillin this shit up WHITE WIDOW "ladies sup which you" busta rhymes said it "do it to death" im crackin now #$@^$*%^delerium tremens&^%*^@*(%^ better UUUHHHHH cool out i think she used me up... samson hair grew back though is that a true story,, "and gullible was written all over the ceiling..... ""Sooo, hows the house? The job??" what the fuck kinda rap is this weather is good "Hows your botyfreind" the eagle soars alone (R.I.P. Wesley Willis i dont think i could give enough love to that man) driving all the time these days my trucks name is Catherine "thats whats on my mind"

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