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Monday, September 20, 2004

another day hustling in san retardino.

so yes im currently at a kinko's copies, so i gotta be fast.

i bought new shoes today. Vans.

and whitey got a new hat, but he already said the "stoke" off the buy is over.

now we have gatorade and a trillion cigarettes to smoke.

god bless the children, it's all about the children. and by children, i obviously mean signwalkers.

they were selling complete blank skateboards at the only skateshop in town for 69.99 and whitey almost went for it. he shouldah. he pussed out.

i think i sorta got a head ache, maybe now we'll cruise into target, so i can get my favorite medicine, advil gel caps. gel is the bomb.

here in kinko's there's some european guy on his pansy ass laptop making cell phone calls to various motels asking for room rates. san bernardino is an odd town.

wednesday is finally my day off, and i might be heading to vegas this weekend still...

oh the european just got a room for $45. im happy for him, i hope he shuts up his louder-than-NASCAR-engines-voice now. nope he's still dialing.

ok, i think we need to go like, buy a milkshake from jack in the crack, or perhaps an ice cream cone from weinersnichzel or however you spell that fucked up digusting restaurant's name.

im headed back to the car. the nicotine is calling my name.

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