Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

after you masterbate in the bathroom at burger king, walk around the same mall you walked around the last three days, AND go to kinko's to check out all yer internet thingies... and you still have ten million hours till the walkers are off.

they haven't even had their first break yet!!!

i think im gonna go head back to the sale, and get to the bottom of this rumor THEY started about us all getting out of here early. all whitey wants is an ice cream cone from McDonald's.

it sucks when you have nothing better to do, and stuck in a town that has nothing better for you to do.

i mean we didnt even go into the stores when we cruised the mall this time. it was all the same people working in the stores, we felt mildly retarded.

here in the kinko's copies i can tell that this dude is trying to sell this kid on the amway scam shit. he just said, "yah sure i bet all yer friends and family will say it sounds like a scam, mine did too... until i made over 80,000 a year."

hah. i wanted to go over there and slap him for lying to that poor naive kid.

amroids man.... they be scurry.

ok im going commence the aging proccess of my lungs... and breath smoke for a while...

make me a noose with zip ties.

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