Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Get a college education
Save my money
Quit smoking cigarettes and pot
Lift weights and exercise
Learn a language other than pig-latin
Limit my daily masturbation sessions
Run my own successful business
STOP journaling mundane aspects of my life
Produce a left wing propaganda film that will help promote getting the bush administration out of office
Start a death metal band called 'no fetus can beat us' or 'humongous butt-fungus' (i'd be lead guitarist of coarse)
Smuggle bulk amounts of heroin across international borders
Become a world renowned professional tap dancer
My laundry
My dirty dishes
Cook my own food
Pay my bills on time
Listen to one of my mom's 10 minute long answering machine messages ALL THE WAY THRU
STOP getting parking tickets
Sky dive
Wipe my own ass
Donate blood
Juggle chainsaws
Make $$$ off my writing
Spend time with my grandparents
Forgive my dad
Make photo essays
Inspire the people around me
Get revenge on Jason Jones, for pulling some kinda check scam on me that cost me $500
Understand the way women think
Dress my age (D.O.B. June 7, 1979)
Read more books
Prove anyone who didn't believe in me, was wrong
Own a dog or a cat
Or a plant
grocery shopping
think of a funny ending to this list idea...

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