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Sunday, August 22, 2004

they sell churros at the pier for $1.50 and they're so goodaleeen, and then you wish you bought the 3/$3.50 deal, but instead you notice hotdog on a stick haza hot-lil-blonde-number that works there so you walk by and end up noticing that zeppy's pizza is open, and then you remember that hot dog on a stick is gross. besides, i think that the blonde girls blonde boyfriend works there too, and whoa, im not trying to make waves man. im just.. chilaxin. besides the zeppy's girl is hotter.

not that i talk to these girls or anything.

they're prolly too young for me anyways.

so i take off on my board southbound on the bike path, wearing my sweatshirt, and my shorts, and my shoes. because why woudl i have time to waste on socks, underwear, or a t shirt?

im gona get a hat embroidered at the hat place that does that. but what should my hat say?


hows that fit? yah well fuck you then.

how about "king cool supreme"

see? everything sounds funny, or cool, for about two seconds. then it's "sigh" and then "yawn" and then i go "fuck, that isn't the perfect idea, then izzit?"

how about "dildo face" ?!?!?!?!

ugh, i derno...

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