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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

there's no way im leaving redondo beach tonight for hollywood or some shit like that, even if there wasn't much traffic on the way up. i just wanna stay close to home tonight, i guess. make it nice and drunk and homie.

before the night hits i'd like to take a dip in my hot tub. if it was sunnier i'd rock out the pool... but oh well. hot tubbing beats watching the fucking shitty ass, boring as fuck olympics.

i think dez is gonna come over and ask me to join her in demolishing an 18 pack of tecate. big tanky will be there too... they're coming equipped with baithing suits.

dez was unfairly layed off from her job recently, wich basically... sucks. but we have her back cuz they were only paying her a fragment of what she was worth, and that's fucked to begin with.

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