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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

there's a difference between being a veggitarean and being a tree hugger.

the difference being that big tanky would club a baby seal just for the fur, cuz it's not about the fucking animals.

or some save the world movement.

girl just dont like meat. fuck it, *I* dont like caviar, i mean, people HAVE their personal preferences. it doesn't have to MEAN something.

so i asked her, "yah, is there a part of you deep down that beleives the cows deserve to die for our hamburgers?"

she replied, "well i wouldn't exactly say the DESERVE it, but it's just gonna happen..."

but then she went on to talk about how she IS morally opposed to MCDONALDS cows and fast food genitically engineered animals, and then i derno, i think she got distracted by her brown rice dinner preparations.

so i came into the computer room here, and decided to write it all down.

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