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Saturday, August 07, 2004

so the X-Games are cool, if you don't mind heat exaustion and $4 lemonade.

but no really, it was tight, and we had an excuse to be there, SIGNS.

we even went back to the dealership afterwards to show our client the pics we took of hot chicks. he appreciated it.

anyways, we cut the line (saving us an hour) and the shit was only five bucks, so we weren't super commited, and we kinda got bored of wandering around, and decided to head back to the bong. i mean, head back to the car.... but really whats the difference?

so now here i am, sitting in the perfect beachside climate, no AC needed. and i think imma take five, prolly in the poolio. i wanna dip MY BALLLLLZ INNIT.

then imma mai tai till i die.

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