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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


so it apperas im gonna drown my sorrows in workohol. yes it's true.

they are sending me to adelanto again.

victorville... apple valley...

but fuckit cuz like, it's my turn.

my helper is gonna be robert again, who is this homie gangsta lookin guy, and he has this car he bought for $80 that has no struts, but DOES have a huge raiders sticker on the back, and a boomin speaker system.

oh it doesn't go in reverse either... so robert has to park very creatively.

i think i might have normal people that i know and hang out with sign walk for me for reals. cuz welp, des is out of work, and the signwalking IS $8/hour... so who knows, she might be my newest employee.

she can sure get her start this weekend in adelanto.

big tanky wants to do it if des does it. even des's boyfriend is down.

and whitey has been slaving out his old buddy mark (the one with schitzophrenia) and getting mark in on the cut.

looks like the signs are putting money in everyone's wallets these days. thanks viking (he owns da biz, btw...)

the thing i'd like to do, is get more sign jobs for our company, and then get more sign guys trained up. wouldn't you want to be a sign guy? you slave out your friends, drive around, and smoke cigarettes. that's what i get payed to do.

so adelanto starts friday, and tomorrow i go to THE CITY OF CARSON oops caplocks

there's this big K-mart with a shitload of cars for sale in the parkinglot, and goold old anti is being called to duty to whip the ten signwalkers into shape, and crack that whip on their ass everyday.

im mean to them, but not really. im just mean to valerie, rosie, amber, alecia, danny's kids, and... Norm. but everyone hates norm.

and when i say mean, i just mean to say that im not doing ANY favors for those jerks. "cash advance?" fuck no. "can i get the good corner?" fuck no. "can we start early?" fuck no. and no i won't go to the store and buy you batteries, or put up with you taking an hour long shit when yer sposed to be holding yer sign, you can't sit down, and go ahead and just see how fast i'll make you sit the day out, waiting for your ride to get off work, so that you can ride home with no money.

sounds harsh, but not when it's either them or me. i don't put up with shit, cuz the people who hired me didn't give me nearly $4,000 a day in signwalker payroll money so taht i could pay people to fuck off all day.

i derno, i guess the typical signwalker has zero work ethic to start with. wich is why des, and perhaps her BF and and even bigger perhaps big tanky... they will be a breath of fresh air. ackright city.

welp, ackright city, or else they're fuckin FIRED!!!!!

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