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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

sean leaves tomorrow BACK to nebraska with a U-haul full of his dad's old crap... because that was the whole point of his ass coming out here.

tonight the viking played host to our festivities, and we rocked that shit like tomorrow was judgement day.

universal city walk, sunset boulevard, north hollywood mexican's only bars.

i think mexican's are the greatest.

so yah, it was good times.

and the weird part about sean visiting here from nebraska was that because he is staying here on my couch, i have to hang out with all the people sean wants to visit, including three different people i lived with for random amounts of time, like the nader, guido, Lester Burnham, dave1... ect.

i even scored a new graffiti DVD outt the deal somehow...

this coming weekend we got enough work to get whtiey-whizzle on the scene blasting away his signs... and he doesn't even have to be a hell centroid. we scored him a LA gig.

also jenny petersen stopped by my house today to bring me an old t-shirt i had given her a long time ago. i had asked for it back, but it was like whutever. then she called me out of the clear blue, and said she found my kickass t shirt, and that she wanted to give it back to me.

"you better call the COPS when you see ANTI"

so today i woke up pleasantly, went to the skate shop with sean, hung out with guido, ate El Terasco, drank tecate, went hot tubbing, went bar hopping, got a dose of mexican border hopper bar atmosphere, ate at the hard rock cafe, and now am ready to crash out, i can hear sean snoring on my couch already... and i can barely wipe this shit eating grin off my face!!!!

damn, it feels good to be...

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