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Thursday, August 05, 2004

ok so i saw the movie and i learned about how evil the fox news channel really is. how it's not really a news channel at all, but really an advertisement for the REPUBLICAN assholes.

i think the problem is that people need to smashitup. like...

my cousin and i rolled up on some old dude who was picketing back when they had the grocery store cashier strike that lasted months and months.

so anyways, this guy says to us, "ya know back in the day we wouldn't be carrying SIGNS and standing around... we'd be carrying BASEBALL BATS, and blowing shit up..."

my cousin and i agreed, "yah that's gettin it done."

ppl need to fuck shit up to get heard. these pithy movies are great at getting the ideas out there, and the message across. but ppl like the weatherman stood up, and threw a middle finger to the government as they blowed up shit when they felt the need to say FUCK YOU to america.

and they did it clean, man. they made sure that noone was in those buildings they blew up.

plus it's pretty cool that they broke timothy leary out of prison. i mean, the king of LSD!!! how tight.

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