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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

los angeles is home to the worst pot dealers in the world.

i called up homie and was all, "hey man, it's anti, whatchu got cookin?" because it's not cool to just ask outright, DO YOU HAVE MARIJUANA IN YOUR POSSESION YOU ARE WILLING TO SELL TO ME? because potheads are paranoid.

anyways, he replies that he's SO STONED because he just smoked up the last of his weed.

ummmm... ok...

so there i am on the phone with this knucklehead re-incarnate of spicoli... patiently waiting for him to either tell me when he'll have more pot, or to buzz off and leave him alone.

but instead nothing is said, and i have to press on with the good battle for righteous pot, or die of irritation.

"well, dickface, when are you gonna re-up your supply?" i asked...

he tells me, "well i COULD get some right now, i guess, some people have been calling.... wanting some... say anti, how muchoo want to get, eh?"

"well fuck man, are you gonna get it or what? im spending a hundred bucks at least..."

so anyways, he never called back like he said he was going to, and after a few hours i called him, only to have him ask me, "dude, anti... since i can't drive on this suspended license, are you willing to drive me someplace to get it...? if it goes down like that..."

IF it goes down like WHAT??? so i guess he was trying to tell me, it's not ready.

this i never understood. it's not like i'm waiting for the shit to grow, or to dry out properly, or whatever. the pot is THERE SOMEWHERE and just needs to be divided into $100 worth, and poof im gone, im dusted, im history, sianara suckers... stick a fucking fork in me.

but no.

here i sit, without weed, WITH MONEY TO BUY WEED, and only my useless glob to distract me
there's more conveniant people to call. dealers that are more reliable, always at home, and always have plenty of herbalations. but, that's because their weed sucks.

it's really just high priced mexi, or what we call pretendica.

he said "tonight it will happen for SURRRRRRRE, i promise"

welp, i've heard THAT one before.

let's just say im not holding my breath.

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