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Sunday, August 15, 2004

i'm so amped that sean is visiting from Nebraska.

that's my dawg, right there. so i picked his ass up from LAX, no worries. haven't seen the EmEff in like TWO YEARS so it's dope that he's here.

we headed straight to IN-N-OUT, and then the nader called me to see/makesure we picked him up and headed to some random party that was fully stocked with enough hard alcolhol to get all of china drunk at once, but there was like 10 people there. weird.

so we boned out, bought beers at the 7-11 that used to be a circle K, and just came here to get crunked.

then we dropped off nader on our way to Del Taco, and sean crashed out on my couch.

this morning sean was already awake when i got back from work, so we drank a shit load more beer and went skating down to hermosa where there's this huge art fair going off, and food vendors and shit, so we said fuck it, and went to the beach.

north side of the pier.

that's right about when sean realized that the Los Angeles women put the Nebraskan women to shame. we were surrounded by stone cold foxes. AND you could totally tell they were undressing our board shorts with their eyes. hussies.

and so then we said fuck it, let's drink more beers, and bought subway on our way to fetch the brewskis at my pad

seans dad came to pick his ass up and spend quality time with him ect. i think they're gonna go drink coffee and shit like that.

now i got to head back to South Centrale LA, to meet my helper robert there, and un-install all the signs. should take us a cool 3 hours. no sweat.

then i derno... sean wants to rage, fo shigumms.

he seemed down for the mexican's only bar that me and the viking cruised out to, i'd just have to see if the viking is down.

but you never know with cats like sean... even though his skateboard and suitcase are here, i might never see him again... heh.

anyways... i'm out, i gotta head to work, and bust this shit.

-big pimp daddy anti

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