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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

i was impressed when i went with sean to guido's house, and saw that guido has totally changed shit up, and now his pad is CLEANER THAN MINE, and the fool finally cut off that tacky pony tail, and he's a rapper...

and yah, who isn't... i know that's what you're thinking...

but he played some tracks for us, and he's come a long way from that bullshit he used to dabble with.

i was imPRESSED.

it wasn't so bad seeing austin either... i mean ugh austin, he can be quite the head ache when he wants to be.

but he was chill, gave my a copy og the DVD he made, and we talked shit about how austin is such an asshole, that he once got all freaked out at a drive thru thinking that the cashier had not given him the change off his $20... even tho he DID get his change... austin was just stoned, and forgot he already got it

well austin is so pushy that he basically MADE the guy give him the change twice.... and didn't know it until he got home.

it was funny too when dave came over... he was actually on his bike outside my house waiting for me.

and he really came over just to copy my MP3's because dave is a freak like taht about shit like MP3's. takes it wayyy to serious. but whatevs, he prolly thinks i do the same with blogging.

anyways, i am NOT allowed at daves house, but me and sean just kinda followed him home on our skateboards, even tried to get in his elevator, heh...

he had to be like, "um ok dudes, this is the end of the line..."

that's coo tho. his girlfriend cindy thinks im satan, so i dont want to rock daves boat.

im glad that sean liked the viking too... because that's family. and really sean liked what he heard about the viking before he ever met him. he even ditched old school highschool homies he hadn't seen in years to hang out with my cousin, a guy whom he had never met because sean wanted to RAGE.

and all those suckers are like, "oh mannnn, you wanna go OUT out? out WHERE?!" and sean's from fucking Nebraska... hanging out on some asshole couch playing PS2 didn't seem like a party.

sean wants me to visit him in Nebraska and at first i told him, "not a chance in HELLLL, buddy." i said i would rather go someplace "cooler" like NYC, Mtl, BC, Vegas, Cabo, SF...

but fuck that, i wanna visit sean, perhaps drive out there with whitey or someone. i know whitey will be down.

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