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Thursday, August 05, 2004


i think i wanna change up my "look"

picture me in a fly suit! with some kickass shoes. and my hair cut nice and sharp.

but see, nothing's tackier than a cheap suit. and like, i derno if the discount store they advertise on the howard stern's show is making the grade, man.

and when would i wear the damn thing? not when im at work. not in my free time.

so that leaves me with weddings and funerals. and shit, im usually stoked i have a reason not to go.

but it's fun, and i used to have a awesome tailored suit. dressing up in it is like such a fucking process. the tie, the socks, the belt, the buttons the collar. and when it's done you hope you dont have to pee.

but man you feel unstoppable. and people instantly offer you respect.

prejudice of the good kind.

they have no idea what a totally fucked scumbag i really am! suckers.

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