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Thursday, August 26, 2004


i made this for tony over a year ago entering his design a tshirt for the busblog contest. i dont think anyone really WON, but tony liked my effort.

there was this one time when i went to do lunch with tony at the xbi. wich usually is bummer city for me, because those cats are on to me, and im on to them, and it's alll very hush hush, "let's pretend we're not trippin on eachother" but whatevs... that's just the rest of the xbi. tony's far more diplomatic. and the point is THIS ONE TIME it was after hours and there was noone but the lazy lobby security there, nearly half asleep, and i found tony burning the midnight oil, cracking out on cold case files.

i asked him, "tone? didja fergit we're heading out tonight?"

tony didn't reply verbally, he just gazed up from the manilla folder at me, took a sigh, and pushed back from the desk with his chair, as if to say, "fuckitletsgo"

but then tony hands me a blunt, a phillies blunt, and says, "damn G, shizzy be bizzy up in dis peice. twist up a blunt and lets boogie like loco, get me?"

now tony doesn't normally talk like this, nor does he smoke blunts in the xbi building after hours.

but the moral of the story is, we DID this time.

ok there is no moral to this story. lets just say this is my way of letting the xbi know taht i know what cannot be known by knowers of the known knobowski.


well ok, imagine that you are on a raft, c'mon now, close your eyes, and feeeeel it... yes thats it...

ok snap out of it. i dont know where i was going with that.

i wonder who the munch painting theives are gonna sell the artwork to, and if tom leykis is gonna sue.

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