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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

i love that my mom believes every conspiracy theory that rolls in off the pike.

she was freaking out when i called her last night, demanding that i go to at once, and see for "my own eyes" that the plane that crashed into tower two, was not the plane that took off from the airport.

but i derno man

i don't believe that myself really.

i don't believe our government had hand in it, or saying that they "helped" the terrorists along. BUT i do beleive they "let it happen" nahmean?

me and bigtanky checked it out. i derno. it's kinda like whatever.

trueboy has made a call to action, kinda like the coach giving the team a pep talk at halftime. and i back her 100%.

it's like that whole "if i vote for nader, i throw my vote away" attitude. it's herd mentallity.

"well, anti, noon else's gonna!! so there!"

look, i by no means think ANYONE should vote for nader, that dude's lost his mind lately, but it's the point im making: if you want to call it the illuminati, the tri-lateral commision, the builderbergers, skulls and bones, that's all minutiae. here's the idea (and tell me if you disagree) it's that the RICH run the show, and average joe q. public who thinks his voice, and his vote, matter... is WRONG.

if you don't believe me look at our democratic candidate, John Kerry. was he the one who they thought was gonna be "the guy" ? no.

Howard dean was!!! remember him? they clowned him so hard, just for being amped on his campaign, something *I* actually admired... he had all the best ideas, he had support rolling in from grass roots style set-ups that were killin' it!!!

but the man with the most money won: John Kerry. (and HAH it's really his WIFE's money)

this post went all political mumbo jumbo wich is why i keep my under informed mouth shut on such topics.... MOST of the time...

i mean fuck G-dub and the rest of the bush crime family, fuck all republicans. they're assholes. but don't vote against bush by voting for john kerry. that's as ignorant as the people who blindly vote republican.

where's ross perot? maybe his freaky face and flappy ears can come fly in to the rescue.

that wasnt serious.... that last part....

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