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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


i forget how fantastic it is to strut down hollywood's walk of fame. i was bummed i had left my skateboard in the car...

and bummed i didna bring my cammy cam cam so i could get a shot of me posing provocatively next to the Brittany Spears star.

earlier today my brewmaster friend came over, took apart my computer for really no reason at all, and then i made him hook me up some bud from his apartment building, and then dave and i discussed ways we could potentially communicate without his girlfriend knowing, who happens to think i am the antichrist, wich to me is really kinda bullshit because yah cindy has never seen me with the same chick twice, and yah i gawk at hotties pretty bad, SORRY for being a man, what was i saying?

who cares?

i used vasoline to jerk off today. man what a mistale, that shit is a mess and a half. im too lazy to get that involved...

it's jerking off, not a finger painting experiment, for chrissakes

i have the no signwalker job this weekend. the "southcentral los ANGELES, found out they couldn't HANDLE US..." bring a switchblade, don't wear gang colors, ghetto bird infested, barrio, thugged out hood, mexican wrestler havin, crack smoke filled streets, oh yah, who's da man?

my helper is this homie named robert who says the reason he's so fast is cuz he's used to running from cops. he has a handle bar moustache, and basically looks like a real life little homie figurine.

im totally out of NyQuil. this is gonna be a long night.

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