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Saturday, August 21, 2004


holy shit i saw my dad last night!

me whitebag and b.hart, we were all in my truck bumping some Aceyalone

"imma b BOY, im dareal McCoy, im chocolate all over like an almond joy..."

so i even circled the block, cuz i wanted to get a look at his bimbo bitch. eh, i seen him do better, i guess he was slummin it last night. he never saw me, wich is just perfect.

then we went to shellbacks and realized after a pitcher of Siera Nevada, two shots of makers mark, and a shot of sauza... that manhattan beach is for lames only, and we booked it to redondo. redildo. whatever. it was awesome cuz b.hart was totally thinking that i must be joking about the fat girl club. i wasn't.

Old Tony's and Naja's are like the only bars in redond-dizzle that i like. i knew my boys were gonna get sick of old tony's fast so we spent most da time in Naja's... where the Black Sabbath was bumpin as we walked in. but who cares.

kenneth has a new url.

the weed strain right now is called sugar bear, and it's from b to the c.

anyways im done fwith work already today. the south central saturday is unbelievably mellow. i check on the signs (that NEVER fucked with in that area) and go to the car dealership, and make sure those signs are coolio too. they always are. and then welp, i go home, and twiddle my thumbs the rest of the day.

the whole process takes little over an hour.

i am debating on wether to just get SHITHOUSE drunk, or to get shithouse drunk and go skating.

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