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Thursday, August 05, 2004

dear super judge,

you are curious about what a signwalker is, eh? i'm glad you asked. my "readers" are bored sick with the topic. but i love to talk about it.

signwalkers technically are people we hire to hold a 10 foot tall sign we build, to promote a used car tent sale going on for the weekend, ON a busy street corner... for $8/hour.

that's the like official description.

but a more realistic answer is to say that signwalkers are ghetto ass people with no shame who will humiliate themself by standing in public holding a damn sign, just so they can score enough money to get their speed fix that night. most of them have no teeth, ID, credit, car, or money. but somehow they always have speed.

we hire homeless people, halfway house people, randoms off the sidewalk walking by, highschool losers, and of course our regular group of misfits from Buena Park, Ca who we got to know from this church down there that they all go to. churches are good places to find signwalkers. only freaks and weirdos signwalk.

i have signwlaked before when work was slow. whitey has signwalked for me when i couldn't find someone (and basically did it as a favor), my cousin jenny used to be a regular signwalker....

it's actually very easy money considering all you have to do is stand there. you can read a book, bump your walkman (or your ipod, but if yer signwalking... you can't afford an ipod), some of the kids we get play gameboy, i think i saw whitey doing yoga while he did it.

i can spot a potential signwalker a mile away. it's how they dress, what they're doing, where they are.

anyone at a bus stop for example has time on thier side.

avoid asking people on bikes if they "know anyone looking for work?" because if they wanna work, then you gotta figure out that the fuck to do with their bike.

the best part about signwalkers, is their replacability. if one is fucking off, taking too long of a break, or just not taking their can of ackrite that day... FIRED!!!!!!

i thought it would bum me out to fire someone. and make me feel like a dick.

well it DID make me feel like a dick, but i loved every second of it.

now im just WAITING to fire someone. test me.

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