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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, August 20, 2004

ask me. axe for me.

ask me anything and know what i'll fucking do, man? i'll pop out an answer, right or wrong, because i don't know how to say i don't know.

maybe i should learn, because there's so much i don't know.

most of the time i am correct with what i blurt out, because common sense goes a long way. you don't need to fall off a building to know it hurts.

and when i'm wrong, that's fine. Noon's gonna know the answer to everything. aka, shit happens.

i dont look back and see a bunch of mistakes. i look into my past and see a fuckload of lessons learned.

life's too short to make all your own mistakes. perhaps that's a hidden function that blogs can offer.

cuz im a huge mistake, mannnn...

but mistakes are important. like the time i got my hand slammed in a car door, or the time i stapled my my thumb, or the time that i saw Matt Radke nearly cut off his finger in woodshop class on the table saw. all of those were done on accident, and i learned valuable things from them all.

especially thankful to matt radke for being the guinee pig on THAT ONE.

no whats the worst part about getting kicked in the balls? i think it's the part where you feel like your testicles have been blown apart into a trillion tiny pieces and you feel them floating near your stomach. yah, that part for sure.

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