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Thursday, August 26, 2004

am am totally prepared one. hundred. percent.

i got all my money prepared, chopped up and divided into little bindles, ready for departure.

i got WOOD. tons of wood, like 500 brand new sticks, this is the high desert people, i ain't here to play with used sticks that have nubbed away points, new ones stick in the dirt like butter baby.

stir that pudding, till you lose the 'spoon'

and forreals i bought all new zip ties or as Art Webb (sum knucklehead signwalker) calls them... "strings", and even some boxes of 7/8" long capped roofing nails.

shit you, guess who even found time to swing by AAA to pick up some free maps? oh yes. duh. that would be YOURS TRULY.

adelanto is worse than going to AZ, but wayyyyyyy better than hell centro. just in case anyone wondered where it ranked on the shitty meter.

rumor has it that whitey rolls into town from the 6-hours-away santa cruz TONIGHT. excellent. if he gets here in time, you know how we do it. but that retard got his vision-psychostick, old school skateboard, with powell bones wheels on it, stolen from his truck. just like me.

cept imma fat cat signguy, and replaced mine. he says he's gonna do the same. he fucking better hurry up.

btw, alred penny worth got servvvved his papers, and it all very sad, and yah yah... BUT the good news, is that i write there now, and others too. we'll see what happens.

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