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Friday, July 02, 2004

yes i agree, my hands are filthy.

and, i think it's rad too.

sign jobbing with my cousin is always fun cuz he's carzy (i meant to say crazy), but in the best way possible.

he had on some kinda FBI hat all day, and rolling through south centrale with that shit got us a lot of funny stares, but then we were rolling up on chicks and telling them it meant, "fine booty inspector" and it was pretty funny.

then we just started scurring hookers, and telling them, "we're on to you, and your little song and dance."

their eyes looked like they were gonna pop outta their head.

then i put a scratch on my cousin's car, cuz i literally lost my mind rocking out to van halen "hot for teacher" on full blast.

i had it bad, had it bad, had it bad.... i was hot for "hot for teacher".

i really need to buy a head band, cuz the salty sweat dripping into my eyes, and causing searing agonizing pain is getting to be like, "yawwwwn, boring..." and doesn't have quite the thrill it used to.


my cousin and i might do more signing of the jobs early tomorrow mornin cuz these are regular clients, and we wanna blow taht shit up like hiroshima, ya hurd meh?

ok i think i'm starting to smell like hot garbage, i better bathe (for once).

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