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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

why do people live their lives like that?

they just let life wash over them life a giant wave, and whatever happens is their "evil" ex's fault. yah well.... honey, YOU chose him. am i wrong?

there's this thing called personal responsibility. look into it.

why not make smart decisive choices that you stick to? why not think ahead a teensy bit? why not change who you are, or be proud of who you have become, and stop worrying about people who have nothing to do with you?

everyone's obbsessed with everyone, BUT NO... that's actaully completely false. everyone is obbsessed with THEMSELVES. and they can give a fuck about everyone else. but no that's not what they tell themselves.

they judge eachother, point fingers, try and figure out "who the bad guy is"

heres a FACT. there iss/was/never will be a bad guy. it takes two to tango, and so own up to the shit you did to participate in something you act like you are so high and might and cast stones but your house made of glass is getting punched with holes too.

i'm anti. i don't come on here to fucking broadcast how wonderful i am. is it a secret that i'm a messy person? is it some dark undercover fact that im a lazy sonnabotch?

or that i'm an asshole and mean to my signwalkers.

i've lied to my friends family and loved ones.

i rarely change my clothes for like WEEKS at a time. including socks and underwear.

i often reek of BO.

but know what? who cares. i gotta be me. and if/when i feel like changing my clothes, taking a shower, cleanign my butt-hole apartment, or buying water for my signwalkers when it's hot... i do it.

i've been keeping this blog for quite some time now, and have a lot of people come here to read what i write, and a lot people think imma nice enough guy.

i never called anyone any names at all, actually. and i still won't. because that's retarded. and takes away my shortter-than-yours attention span from the things i waste my time sign jobbing thinking about... wishing i was blogging it out. cuz i lerve that shiT.

oh well. i guess if i knew better i'd just stop with the daily attempt at inflating my enormous ego, and quit blogging altogether.

you fucks don't deserve me.

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