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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

sorry for not understanding women!


sorry for being a normal dude, who thinks normal dude thoughts, but this aggression will not STAND, man.

i mean... we only know what you fucking tell us, and you fucking tell us nothing except for what we do wrong.

take some personal responsibility and TELL us what the fuck to do right.

how about women wise up, and realize that we are too simple and feeble minded to figure out how the fuck their brains work? is that too much to ask? how about they think like US.... because men are simple to figure out.

feed me, fuck me... now get out of my way cuz sports center is on, and i am feeling sleepy. THAT"S IT!!!

you now know the way a man's mind works. oh and remember that we don't speak in that language of code that women insist on commuinicating with.

for example, if pointdexter calls up a hottie for a date, she drops the hin that she's not interested, "oh pointdexter... i'm busy that night washing my hair, oh and that other night is no good becaus ei have to watch paint dry..." and the women thinks he's get the clue, but he NEVER WILL because our hero pointdexter is a MAN. and men don't know what clues are. because if it was a guy telling a girl that he had to watch soem paint dry, HE PROLLY REALLY DOES HAVE TO DO THAT SHIT!!!

i don't even know what the fuck i'm talking about anymore. i need to calm down.

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