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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


what do you smell?

cuz, i smell the stench of a hamburger that was the center of a LIE conspired AGAINST me by the corporation known as Carl's Junior.

dude, i got a #3 (the western bacon cheeseburger combo) and they fucking gave it to me with the most stale assed bun i ever had the luxury of almost chipping my tooth on.

then the nerve of these lousy fucks who take my money at least 3 times a week... THEY TELL ME IT'S NOT STALE.... IT'S FUCKING TOASTED!!!!


toast this you sons of bitches, while i fucking tell the world how much you suck, while i still have the stench of your poor quality food on my fucking fingers.

no fucking wonder yer the only nearby drive thru open at 1:15am. losers!

del taco may always have a line, but the the reason is now and will forever be obvious city.

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