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Thursday, July 01, 2004

recycled picture.

dammit i caught bongitis again.

the symptoms are, uncontrollable coughing for hours... no--

so i bought some halls cough drops to suck on while i smoke my pot.

i'm not lazy, i'm lay-zay. so when i make my millions it'll prolly be something pathetic like a head shop... or a sunglasses stand.

or maybe a taco stand!!! yah!!!!

but no... those guys look like they actually have to work.

so i'll prolly just be a sign guy until my hammer hand gets callouses as big as boxing gloves.

sometimes i hate my big old clumsy oaf hands. i think they are disproportionately big for my body, and i wack them on things, get them cut and scratched, and generally fucked up way too much.

all i do is make sure my nails are bitten off nice and short, and i try and just live my life. but these clunkers hanging off the end of these arms are like two wrecking balls just waiting to DESTROY... or at least knock onto the floor... anything in their path. i just counted and i have 8 scabs on my right hand's knuckles, and 6 on the left's.

i guess the bright side to having jumbo hands is i'm hung like an elephant. so why the fuck am i complaining?

and my hair is either doing it's poofy poofersons immitation, or i need a haircut, ORRR most likely.... i need a shower. but i think the most obvious solution is to just drink more beer. and i intend to do so.

full throtle
to the bottle.

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