Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

the reason i know certain people have no idea who i am, is because they have NO FUCKING CLUE how intelligent i am.

yah so what, i'm bragging. bite me.

there's people smarter than me. sure. obviously. but know what assholes, yer gonna have to figure it out, and don't judge this book by it's cover, cuz i'm a fucking PUMA waiting to pounce all over your ass.

sure i get pigeon holed for being a skinny, starved, addict, with little to no ambition. people with prejudice, can fucking prejuDIE, because i'm strong, i'm working with a high IQ, and holding grudges is a lot like being ambitious IN THE END. it's just an amition with a weird twisted evil motive.

i keep my evil self locked away for the most part. you have NO FUCKING IDEA what i am capable of. my family didn't teach a lot about having a conscience. again, that's obvious.

just be fucking careful, because the self-hate i have right now is making it's flip to outward-hate, and you don't wanna get mixed in the crossfire, because i don't accidentally burn any bruidges...

i douse them in gasoline, and flick a lit cigarette, and go "mua hahahahhahah" as it takes seconds to ignite and burn into ashes.

or join the ranks of my blood father. if you're sposed to keep your friends close and your enemies CLOSER, then how come he's neither? he is neither because he is nothing.

people are the worst. i hate people. except the hot, female ones willing to do me, and usually THEY hate ME.

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