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Saturday, July 10, 2004

ok this is how the bong spillage happens at least twice a day.

my bong is two feet tall, and for some reason, that makes setting it down on the ground very easy to do... almost second nature. to stick it on a shelf or a table you gotta lift up your arm a lot more that to just set it on the ground in front of you, as you sit stoned on the sofa.

the things about sitting stoned on the sofa, or in this here computer chair im sitting in right now... or FUCK IT, even sitting indian style on my big lebowski rug... the thing is, you are now high, and less alert and aware than you JUST were a moment ago. and the bong sits within proximity to you, and slowly... but surely... difts out of your collective memory, it takes about half a second for the process to be complete.

and welp, that's really all it takes... now a carelessly flung elbow, my shoe, or any number of dumbass-tactics are gonna send this tall FRAGILE glass container of smoke and musty-murky-smelly-stank-water sailing down to the ground like a tree in the woods.

and all that lovely smelling bong water makes a cool shaped wet spot on my carpeting.

do you have a towell that you use exclusively for cleaning up the bong water that you spill at least twice a day? me too.

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