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Thursday, July 01, 2004

my painfully soar throat is doing ok. all i need to do is make sure i keep it wet with beer, Halls Mentho-Lyptus, and hawk up a enough loogies, and everything will be straight up west-coast-butter-toast on independence day.

i've often referred to july 4th as my favorite holiday of te year, besides holloween. and believe me when i say it has NOTHIGN to do with celebrating america.

it has to do with it being SUMMA-TIME, and everyone you ever knew from highschool being in town and drunk in the sun, and getting girls phone numbers written in pen across my chest and arms and stomach, and telling everyone my name is some new stupid ass thing i made up johnny-on-the-spot, like... rasheed. or mustafa.

see... what happens in THESE parts is, everyone goes to hermosa beach, and they all hang out on what's called the bike path. wich is a thin strip of concrete that runs right next to the surf and sand. and there is literally so many people, that it's a citywide party, and you'll end up wherever you end up, but you'll love every second.

i heard the cops have cracked down in the last years, but, they can only do so much. because i've never had any problems walking in plain sight, drinking off a green bottle that contained some kinda form of booze innit.

i haven't been able to go to hermosa on july 4th in a long time. last year i was in canada, and the year before that i was doing a sign job for a strouds in hollywood. this year will RULE though. cuz i even have a little pocket cash to work with for once.

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