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Friday, July 09, 2004

my cordless phone is deader than vincent price, but jamie pointed out to me that my phone is NOT beloved in the hearts of millions of horror movie fans... so i had to agree.

i was freaking out because my left arm from my shoulder to my elbow is in severe pain, i can barely use it. and i was like, "what the fuck, why is ther ALWAYS somethign wrong with my fucked up body?!?!" then i remembered i ate shit on my skateboard a couple nites ago, and i should feel lucky, cuz tanky ate shit too, only she walked away with her knee looking like salsa, and i just scabs on my palms and this arm thing.

falling down's no big whup, it's just like getting punched... except it's to a whole fucking REGION of your body... like... your left side...

the redondo peir fun-facotry seems like a good palce to be.
oh nothing....

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