Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, July 12, 2004

inspiration comes in all weird shapes and forms.

for me it's usually a conversation. talking gets me thinking.

and thinking is rare when you're working with as few brain cells as me.

if you don't read your opinion doesn't matter.

my opinion doesn't matter, but i stay close to people who read... and i make them tell me everything.

my cousin wrote that he thinks my "starving artist" days are almost over. does that mean i am sposed to like grow up now? what does grow up mean? does that mean i'm sposed to give a fuck if i have bed head in front of people who live in buena park? cuz i dont.

and starving artist? do i come off like a starving artist? god that sounds so pretentious. i fucking hope i don't cuz there is nothign artistic about me, except maybe the bed head.

*I* think i'm working on it, and i have my own timeline, and well, me being a lazy bummy messy sleazy skeevey slacker of a modern day skate hippie... that's just me being me, mannnn...

but whatever, i'll make sure the walkers know i'm large and in charge, and the hair gel will be gleaming in hot BFE sun. heh.

cuz i really do clean up well... it's just the bedhead/.

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