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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


im so drained from writing tedious, long, cryptic blog posts that only like two or three people in the world can make sense of.

i wanna talk about how i am nervous for my 15 signwalker job this weekend in South El Monte, Ca that starts tomorrow.

danny is gonna be my helper wich is fine enough. i like danny.

but danny can't shut the fuck up sometimes. wich is normally fine, me and whitey talk the whole time when we work together. me and the viking too...

but DANNY?! danny just gets on my nerves. he fucking mumbles and when you ask him what he's talking about... it always ends up benig so LAME. like a story about how he thinks it's great that his son reads comic books, because he's "actually READING...." or how he has a million stories that i stopped believing were true like two years ago.

ORR like say an ambalance drives by, danny will say, "see that ambalance?"

i'll tell him that i do in fact see the LOUD ambalance that has LIGHTS flashing. (duh, why njot ask if my heart is beating.)

then he goes... "well... did i tell you why i hate my father in law?"

and that's when i tell him that yes... he HAS told me. like once a day. since ive met him.

i usually try and turn up the radio, or even hold up a finger to my lips and go, "SHOOSH! the radio is talking!!" but nothign works.

my boss told me the trick tho... so i will have to test it out this weekend. and the trick is this...

you drive up to the signwalker named tammy, because that's danny's wife. and fucking drop his ass off there till you need to slave him out again later.

so taht's the plan, but who knows. maybe he'll be bizzy reading that dictionary he's always reading. and he'll stay quiet.

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