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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

i work a hectic ass day tomorrow.


it's not so much hectic as it is DRAWN out and stretched out beyond retardation to somewhere in the realm of fucking insane. yah like 15 or 16 hours.


but yah most of that time will be spent driving around, doing sign guy shit. and/or parked waiting for my walkers to get off their shift.

easy as pie.

i'll be working with LLOYD, wich is fine, if he can keep his yapp shut while the radio is on. i don't take kindly to howard interuptions.

i've been working a lot, yah? it's good times when the work flows like this. remember when i begged for pay pal monies? how pathetic.

anyways, i have so much dough now... that i am actually able to buy myself stuff... sorta. like today i spent $100 at target, and i did last week too...

all my laundry is done. and i'm sitting here clean, with my one-day-old hair dye job. (blk)

imma have ALLL friday off work. so imma prolly blog up a storm. and/or soak up as much sun as i can from my skateboard on the boardwalk.


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