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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

i wanted to stop and take a second to offer my CONGRATS to gothic laurue. you might know her as big tanky.

but, now, the people at her work know her as Miss Assertive. cuz she had been the victim of a micro-managing, tyrant, cunt bag of a boss, and i had suggested AT LEAST once that she go over the cunt-bags head, to the owner, and plea her case... and see what happens.

well today Cunt-bag had crossed the line... and bigT had reached her boiling point...

one thing leads to another, and after bigT hangs up with the voice conference she had with the vice president and President of her work, she now has twice the hours at work, and cunt-bag is gonna have hell to pay.

i mean FUCK... who's boss calls them at home to ask where office supplies are? what? are her legs fucking broken?

anyways, BIG UPS to BIG TANKY, who's flossin her skills to pay da bills.

as for me... i'm just laying around cutting pictures out of magazines so i can tape the to my walls. it almost is starting to look like someone actually lives here.

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