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Monday, July 26, 2004

i said no thanks to the party saturday night.

i knew that if i went to that shit, everyone'd be all hammered already, and i'd get so annoyed and irritated with everyone for NOT working on a day that I DID have to work. you know how this story goes, right?

so anyways, i end up volunteering to help my cousin lace up a location in the valley instead. with about 300 signs. and we agreed to go to some sort of mellow atmosphere type bar afterwards. because we're both out of energy, and are just running on fumes.

little did we know we were about to embark on a cultural observation field study. oh joy. watch as i do back flips of excitement.

no but seriously, it was cool to be in this weirdo north hollywood ghetto-ass bar, where the viking and i were the only non-latinos, everyone had on a cowboy hat... and the mariachi music blared in your ears.

we were fish out of water, and had devised a plan to NOT TALK to any chicks while we were there, because we knew nothing of the micro-politics that could possibly be at play within this latino-bar, and felt taht not talking to chicks would be the most secure method of keeping ourselves out of trouble... we just wanted a drink after a long hard days work. no drama.

so yah i was kinda a little freaked out when cleavage-lady, with the tattooed titties, put her hand on my thigh.

i didn't understand what she said to me in spanish, but whatever, she went away after a sec or two.

and then after a beer or two, we went away too.

i got a new hat at a 7-11 in the valley.

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