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Sunday, July 11, 2004

i haven't a goddddddamned clue, cuz...

i mean, here i am, feeling NASCAR-ish as all hell... because it's sunday, and i don't have cable, and my tv is currently in the ON position.

mark martin, the dude who drives the boner-mobile (aka the No. 6 car, AKA the viagra sponsored car), must feel super sexy driving such a super sexy car.

i gotta admit i feel a little sadistic, as i sit here and pray to god for mark martin or ANY one of these dumbass redneck retards to crash their car, and take out as many other drivers with them as possible. but like.... why else watch cars drive REALLY fast in circles? i know it's not becuase it's "so fascinating"

but then again... here i am. watching it and writign about it, i even google image searched the boner mobile.

i'm obsessed.

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