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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, July 02, 2004

i had the weekend off work, then this one dude's mom got sick, and then i got this call to "saddle up" and now i am shaking off the NyQuil in my brain, and figiuring out how i am gonna mentalling get myself together in time for work, should i hop in the shower?

no... i'll just be a sweaty salty piles of sticky-ness and filth by the time i get off work

but i think i will only have to work today, and fuck it, getting a little extra paper in my pocket ain't the worst thing to happen to me.

i really wanna see spidey 2.

maybe i should beat off before work today.
hahahhahahahhahah, i said maybe. pffffff.

this play looks funny. fuckn ED ASNER is the voice of god. need i say more?

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